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1. fetch


The distance of open water over which wind can blow to create waves. The greater the fetch the more potential power waves have when they hit the coast. In the south and west of England the fetch stretches for several thousand kilometers, all the way to South America. This combines with the southwesterly prevailing winds to cause powerful waves and serious coastal erosion along south- and west-facing coastlines.

fetch | engleski leksikon

2. fetch


Sinonimi: bring in | bring

To be sold for a certain price; SYN. bring in, bring.

fetch | engleski leksikon

3. fetch


To retrieve an instruction or an item of data from memory and store it in a register. Fetching is part of the execution cycle of a microprocessor; first an instruction or item of data must be fetched from memory and loaded into a register, after which it can be executed (if it is an instruction) or acted upon (if it is data).

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