fast | engleski leksikon

1. fast


Sinonimi: colorfast | firm | immobile

1. Acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly
2. (Of surfaces) Conducive to rapid speeds
3. (Used of timepieces) Indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time
4. (Music) At a rapid tempo
5. Permanently dyed; SYN. colorfast.
6. Securely fixed in place; SYN. firm, immobile.

fast | engleski leksikon

2. fast


Sinonimi: tight

ETYM Old Eng. faste firmly, strongly, quickly, as. faeste. Related to Fast.
1. Firmly or tightly; SYN. tight.
2. Quickly or rapidly (often used as a combining form).

fast | engleski leksikon

3. fast


Sinonimi: fasting

ETYM Old Eng. faste, fast; cf. as. faesten, Old High Germ. fasta, German faste. Related to Fast.
Abstaining from food; SYN. fasting.

fast | engleski leksikon

4. fast


1. To abstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons
2. To abstain from eating

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