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1. counter


1. Contrary; opposite
2. Opposing; retaliatory
3. Complementary; corresponding
4. Duplicate; substitute

counter | engleski leksikon

2. counter


1. Marked by or tending toward or in an opposite direction or effect
2. Given to or marked by opposition, hostility, or antipathy
3. Situated or lying opposite
4 . Recalling or ordering back by a superseding contrary order; countermanding

counter | engleski leksikon

3. counter


In the opposite direction

counter | engleski leksikon

4. counter


1. In programming, a variable used to keep count of something.
2. In electronics, a circuit that counts a specified number of pulses before generating an output. 3. A device that keeps track of the number of visitors to a World Wide Web site.

counter | engleski leksikon

5. counter


Sinonimi: tabulator | heel

1. A calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens; SYN. tabulator.
2. Horizontal surface over which business is transacted.
3. Piece of leather forming the back of a shoe or boot.
4. The part that fits the heel; SYN. heel.
5. Used in various card or board games.

counter | engleski leksikon

6. counter


To speak in response, usually with an opposing point of view.

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