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1. cast


(Of molten metal or glass) Formed by pouring or pressing into a mold.

cast | engleski leksikon

2. cast


Sinonimi: casting | roll | mold | stamp

ETYM Cf. Icel., Dan., and Swed. kast.
(Homonym: cast).
1. Object formed by a mold; SYN. casting.
2. The act of throwing dice; SYN. roll.
3. The distinctive form in which a thing is made; SYN. mold, stamp.

cast | engleski leksikon

3. cast


Sinonimi: cast of characters | dramatis personae

The actors in a play; SYN. cast of characters, dramatis personae.

cast | engleski leksikon

4. cast


Sinonimi: mold | mould

A firm covering (often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal; SYN. plaster cast.

cast | engleski leksikon

5. cast


Sinonimi: plaster cast

A programmer-specified data conversion from one type to another, such as a conversion from integer to floating point. Also called: coercion. See also data type.

CAST | engleski leksikon



A family of symmetric encryption algorithms.

cast | engleski leksikon

7. cast


(Irregular preterit, past participle: cast).
1. To assign the roles of (a movie or a play) to actors.
2. To deposit.
3. To make by pouring into a cast or mold; SYN. mold, mould.
4. To select to play, sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet.

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