carry | engleski leksikon

1. carry


The act of carrying something.
1. Carrying power; especially; the range of a gun or projectile or of a struck or thrown ball
2 Portage
3. The act or method of carrying
4. The act of rushing with the ball in football
5. The position assumed by a color-bearer with the flag or guidon held in position for marching
6. A quantity that is transferred in addition from one number place to the adjacent one of higher place value

carry | engleski leksikon

2. carry


In arithmetic, the process of moving a digit to the next higher position when the sum of two numbers is greater than the largest digit in the number system being used. Computers, based on logic circuits, and often able to add all digits in two numbers simultaneously (do parallel addition), perform carries in several exotic ways. For example, they perform complete carries, in which one carry is allowed to propagate—that is, to generate other carries in other digit positions. They can also perform partial carries, in which carries resulting from parallel addition are stored temporarily.

carry | engleski leksikon

3. carry


Sinonimi: pack | take | extend | run | hold

1. To transport; to bear; to support.
2. To transfer from one place to another:
3. To be conveyed over a certain distance
4. To bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure, or responsibility of
5. To have with oneself; have on one's person; SYN. pack, take.
6. To compensate for a weaker partner or member by one's own performance
7. To be successful in
8. To continue or extend; SYN. extend.
9. To cover a certain distance or advance beyond, as of a ball in golf, or a bullet
10. To have as a feature
11. To have on the surface or on the skin
12. To win in an election
13. To capture after a fight
14. To include as the content; broadcast or publicize; SYN. run.
15. To pass on a communication:
16. To be necessarily associated with or result in or involve
17. To secure the passage or adoption (of bills and motions)
18. To serve as a means for expressing something: SYN. convey, express.
19. To drink alcohol without showing ill effects; SYN. hold.
20. To sustain, as of livestock
21. To take further or advance
22. To retain one unit from a column of addition to another (carrying numbers).

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