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1. capture of Erzurum


During World War I, capture of city in NE Turkey by the Russians Feb 1916. It remained in Russian hands until recaptured by the Turks March 1918 following the collapse of the Russian Army.
The Russian operation was conducted in severe winter conditions, in mountainous country, and against well-prepared fortifications. General Nikolai Yudenich had advanced from the Caucasus Mountains into Armenia, forcing the Turks to retreat before him and take up positions on a strongly fortified ridge in front of Erzerum. The Russians split into two wings and moved to outflank the Turkish position 26 Jan; the Turks fell back and lost various fortified positions. The Turkish defense collapsed 15 Feb and Yudenich entered Erzerum the next day. The Russians captured 13,000 prisoners, 300 guns, huge quantities of ammunition and stores, and the Turkish loss was estimated at 60,000 killed and wounded.

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