blueprint | engleski leksikon

1. blueprint


Sinonimi: design | pattern

1. Photographic print of plans or technical drawings etc.
2. Something intended as a guide for making something else; SYN. design, pattern.
Photographic process used for copying engineering drawings and architectural plans, so called because it produces a white copy of the original against a blue background.
The plan to be copied is made on transparent tracing paper, which is placed in contact with paper sensitized with a mixture of iron ammonium citrate and potassium hexacyanoferrate. The paper is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and then washed in water. Where the light reaches the paper, it turns blue (Prussian blue). The paper underneath the lines of the drawing is unaffected, so remains white. blue print.

blueprint | engleski leksikon

2. blueprint


Sinonimi: draft | draught

To make a blueprint of; SYN. draft, draught.

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