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1. Woolley

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(1906-1986) English astronomer whose work included observational and theoretical astrophysics, stellar dynamics and the dynamics of the Galaxy.
Woolley was born in Weymouth, Dorset, and studied at Cape Town, South Africa, and at Cambridge. He was director of the Commonwealth Observatory at Mount Stromlo, Canberra, Australia, 1939–55, and Astronomer Royal at Herstmonceux, Sussex, England, 1956–70.
The observatory at Mount Stromlo was devoted mainly to solar physics, and Woolley devoted much of his time there to the study of photospheric convection, emission spectra of the chromosphere, and the solar corona. He pioneered the observation of monochromatic magnitudes and constructed color magnitude arrays for globular clusters.
During the 15 years that he spent as Astronomer Royal, his personal interests were globular clusters, the evolution of galactic orbits, improvements of radial velocities, and a reevaluation of RR Lyrae luminosities.

Woolley | engleski leksikon

2. Woolley

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(Charles) (1880-1960) British archeologist. He excavated at Carchemish in Syria, Tell el Amarna in Egypt, Atchana (the ancient Alalakh) on the Turkish-Syrian border, and Ur in Iraq. He is best remembered for the work on Ur, which he carried out for the British Museum and Pennsylvania University Museum 1922–29.
Besides his scholarly excavation reports he published popular accounts of his work—Ur of the Chaldees 1929 and Digging Up the Past 1930—which helped to promote archeology to a non-specialist audience.

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