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A state in the western United States; settled in 1847 by Mormons led by Brigham Young; Also called: Beehive State, Mormon State.
State in western US; nicknamed Beehive State/Mormon State
area 219,900 sq km/84,881 sq mi
capital Salt Lake City
towns and cities Provo, Ogden
physical Colorado Plateau to the E, mountains in center, Great Basin to the W, Great Salt Lake
features Great American Desert; Colorado river system; five national parks: the Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion; the Uinta Mountains, Utah’s tallest mountains (highest peak 4,123 m/13,528 ft); the Wasatch Mountains (over 3,300 m/11,000 ft); Great Salt Lake; Dinosaur national monument, with Dinosaur Quarry; Rainbow Bridge national monument; Natural Bridges national monument; Great Basin desert region; Green River; Nine Mile Canyon, with rock carvings by the Fremont Native Americans; Hovenweep national monument, with tower structures that may have been used by the Anasazi Native Americans for making astronomical observations; Golden Spike national historic site, where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads met 1869, completing the first transcontinental route; Bingham Canyon Copper Mine; Salt Lake City, based on Brigham Young’s grid plan, with Temole Square, the Tabernacle (home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir), the Family History Library (the largest collection of genealogical
data in the world), the Beehive House (1854, Brigham Young’s home), the Union Pacific Railroad Depot (1909), and the Utah state capitol (1915, a fine example of Renaissance Revival architecture, with murals depicting Utah’s history added during the Depression); Brigham Young University; Monument Valley Tribal Park, a Navajo center; Anasazi Indian village state park; Fremont Indian state park; Utah Shakespearean Festival, in an open-air replica of the Globe theater, at Cedar City; Intermountain Power Project, the world’s largest coal-fired generating station; auto racing at Bonneville Salt Flats; 70% of the population are members of the Mormon church; Utah has the highest proportion of high school graduates of any state; the only state to vote Bill Clinton into third place in the 1992 presidential election
industries wool, gold, silver, copper, coal, salt, steel

famous people Brigham Young
history explored first by Franciscan friars for Spain 1776; Great Salt Lake discovered by US frontier scout Jim Bridger 1824; part of the area ceded by Mexico 1848; developed by Mormons, still by far the largest religious group in the state; territory 1850, but not admitted to statehood until 1896 because of Mormon reluctance to relinquish plural marriage.
The world's largest open-pit copper mine began 1906 at Bingham Canyon.


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