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1. Nova Scotia


1. A peninsula in eastern Canada between the Bay of Fundy and the Saint Lawrence River.
2. The Canadian province in the Maritimes consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island; French settlers who called the area Acadia were exiled to Louisiana by the British in the 1750s; descendants are know as Cajuns.
Maritime province of E Canada
area 55,500 sq km/21,423 sq mi
capital Halifax (chief port)
towns and cities Dartmouth, Sydney
features Cabot Trail (Cape Breton Island); Alexander Graham Bell Museum; Fortress Louisbourg; Strait of Canso Superport, the largest deepwater harbor on the Atlantic coast of North America
industries coal, gypsum, dairy products, poultry, fruit, forest products, fish products (including scallop and lobster)
physical comprising a peninsula with a highly indented coastline extending SE from New Brunswick into the Atlantic Ocean, and Cape Breton Island which is linked to the mainland by the Canso Causeway

history Nova Scotia was visited by the Italian navigator Giovanni Caboto 1497. A French settlement was established 1604, but expelled 1613 by English colonists from Virginia. The name of the colony was changed from Acadia to Nova Scotia 1621. England and France contended for possession of the territory until Nova Scotia (which then included present-day New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) was ceded to Britain 1713; Cape Breton Island remained French until 1763. Nova Scotia was one of the four original provinces of the Dominion of Canada.

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