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1. Merrill

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(1903-1955) US brigadier general. He became assistant military attaché in Tokyo 1938 and studied the Japanese language and military system. He served with Stilwell in the retreat from Burma and Jan 1944 was given command of 5307 Composite Unit (Provisional), a US group formed for long-range penetration behind the Japanese lines, later known as “Merrill’s Marauders”.
The “Marauders” fought in the Hukawng Valley and Myitkyina but due to Stilwell’s neglect of their supply line and his insistence on continuing in action too long, the unit was virtually destroyed by overstress and disease. Merrill, together with most of his men, was hospitalized but later became deputy US Commander in Burma and then Chief of Staff to the 10th Army in the Pacific.

Merrill | engleski leksikon

2. Merrill


1. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 51038.
2. City in Oregon (USA); zip code 97633.
3. City in Wisconsin (USA); zip code 54452.
4. Village in Michigan (USA); zip code 48637.

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