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1. HyperCard


An information-management software tool, designed for the Apple Macintosh, that implements many hypertext concepts. A HyperCard document consists of a series of cards, collected into a stack. Each card can contain text, graphical images, sound, buttons that enable travel from card to card, and other controls. Programs and routines can be coded as scripts in an object-oriented language called HyperTalk or developed as external code resources (XCMDs and XFCNs). See also hypertext, object-oriented programming, XCMD, XFCN.
Computer application developed for the Apple Macintosh, in which data are stored as if on cards in a card-index system. A group of cards forms a stack. Additional features include the ability to link cards in different ways and, by the use of software buttons (icons that can be clicked or double clicked with a mouse), to access other data. Hypercard is very similar to hypertext, although it does not conform to the rigorous definition of hypertext.

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