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1. Eyre

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(Charles Hastings) (1943-) English stage and film director. He succeeded Peter Hall as artistic director of the National Theatre, London 1988. His stage productions include Guys and Dolls 1982, Bartholomew Fair 1988, Richard III 1990, which he set in 1930s Britain; and Night of the Iguana 1992. His films include The Plowman’s Lunch 1983, Laughterhouse (US Singleton’s Pluck) 1984, and Tumbledown 1988 for television.
He has announced his intention to step down as artistic director 1997.

Eyre | engleski leksikon

2. Eyre

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(1815-1901) English explorer who wrote Expeditions into Central Australia 1845. He was governor of Jamaica 1864–65. Lake Eyre in South Australia is named for him.

Eyre | engleski leksikon

3. Eyre


Lake, Australia's largest lake, in central South Australia, which frequently runs dry, becoming a salt marsh in dry seasons; area up to 9,000 sq km/3,500 sq mi. It is the continent's lowest point, 12 m/39 ft below sea level.

eyre | engleski leksikon

4. eyre


In English history, one of the traveling courts set up by Henry II 1176 to enforce conformity to the king’s will; they continued into the 13th century. Justices in eyre were the judges who heard pleas at these courts.

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