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1. Denis

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St (lived 3rd century AD) First bishop of Paris and one of the patron saints of France, who was martyred by the Romans. Feast day 9 Oct.

Denis | engleski leksikon

2. Denis

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(1870-1943) French painter, illustrator, and art theorist. He is chiefly important as a founder-member and spokesman for les Nabis. His friendship with Gauguin and admiration for Italian Renaissance art are reflected in his flat, decorative paintings of figures and landscapes, for example The Muses or Sacred Wood 1893 (Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris).
Denis was the author of several influential articles and books on art theory, including Théories, 1890–1910, republished 1920. He also illustrated numerous books and executed large murals on religious themes, notably that in Sainte-Marguerite du Vésinet 1901–03.

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