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1. Battle of Leuthen


Prussian defeat of Austria during the Seven Years' War 5 Dec 1757 about 16 km/10 mi west of Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland). The Austrian general, Count Leopold von Daun, returned to Austria in disgrace with only 37,000 of his 90,000 troops, and Austria was forced to yield Silesia to the Prussians.
The Prussians, under Frederick the Great, made a feint against the Austrian right flank, drawing cavalry and other reinforcements from their left, and then fell on the left with the majority of their force, leaving only an advance guard to keep the Austrian right occupied. Before the Austrians could reorganize, their left flank was completely destroyed. As they fell back, the Austrian right moved across and began a desperate battle around the village of Leuthen. An Austrian cavalry charge threatened to drive in the Prussians, but Frederick had cavalry reserves in waiting which took the Austrians in flank and rear once they had galloped past. The Prussians renewed their attack and forced the Austrians back against the river Oder. The few bridges across the river could not cope with numbers of Austrian troops fleeing the battle and the Prussians took 21,000 prisoners and 116 guns. The Austrians lost another 3,000 troops killed, while the Prussians lost only 1,140 killed and 5,200 wounded.

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