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1. Battle of Brandywine


British victory over General George Washington during the American Revolution 11 Sept 1777 at the Brandywine river, Pennsylvania. Washington attempted to intercept General Sir William Howe as he moved on Philadelphia from New York but were defeated with heavy casualties. He succeeded in delaying the British but Howe was able to resume his advance and captured Philadelphia about two weeks later.
Howe sailed a force of 14,000 troops to the head of the Elk river and was met by Washington in a strong defensive position on the fords of the Brandywine river. Howe made a feint against Washington's front while sending a detachment under Lord Cornwallis to cross the stream higher up and swing round to take the American position from the rear. The plan worked: the Americans lost 1,400 troops and were dislodged from their position although the British were exhausted and so unable to pursue them.

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