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Prevod reči: kavez

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kavez [ muški rod ]

Sanduk sa rešetkema za transportovanje divljih životinja;
Kutija sa žicama za držanje ptica, krletka;
Rešetke na prozorima starinskih kuća. (tur.)

aviary [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin aviarium, from aviarius pertaining to birds, from avis bird.
A building where birds are kept; SYN. bird sanctuary, volary.

birdcage [ imenica ]
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A cage in which a bird is kept. bird cage, bird-cage

cage [ imenica ]
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ETYM French cage, from Latin cavea cavity, cage, from cavus hollow. Related to Cave, Cajole, Gabion.
Made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept; SYN. coop.
Something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement.

coop [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. as. cypa a measure, Dutch kuip tub, Icel. kupa bowl, German kufe coop tub; all from Latin cupa vat, tub, Late Lat. cupa, copa, cup. Related to Cup, Keeve.
A barrel or cask for liquor.
An inclosure for keeping small animals; a pen; especially, a grated box for confining poultry.

hutch [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. hucche, huche, hoche, French huche, Late Lat. hutica.
A cage (usually made of wood and wire mesh) for small animals.

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