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rebuff [ imenica ]
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ETYM Italian ribuffo, akin to ribuffare to repulse; pref. ri- (Latin re-) + buffo puff. Related to Buff to strike, Buffet a blow.
A deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval); SYN. slight.
An instance of driving away or warding off; SYN. snub, repulse.

neuspeh [ muški rod ]

odbačaj [ muški rod ]


odbijanje [ imenica ]

Ne prihvatanje.

rebuff [ glagol ]
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To reject outright and bluntly; SYN. snub, brush off, repel.

odbaciti [ glagol ]

odbiti [ glagol ]

pružiti otpor [ glagol ]

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