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opening [ pridev ]
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First or beginning

početni [ pridev ]

prvi [ pridev ]

opening [ imenica ]
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An open or empty space in or between things; SYN. gap.
A vacant or unobstructed space
A ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise.
Opportunity especially for employment or promotion
The act of opening something
The first performance (as of a theatrical production); SYN. opening night, curtain raising.
The initial part of the introduction
Becoming open or being made open

otvaranje [ imenica ]

otvor [ muški rod ]


početak [ muški rod ]

Začetak, klica.

prodor [ muški rod ]


prolaz [ muški rod ]


proplanak [ muški rod ]

pukotina [ ženski rod ]

rupa [ ženski rod ]


uvod [ muški rod ]


čistina [ ženski rod ]

Golo mesto u šumi, čistac, slobodan prostor, otvoreno polje, čistac.

čistina šume [ ženski rod ]

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