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mist [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. mist.
(Homonym: missed [from to miss]).
A thin fog with condensation near the ground.
Low cloud caused by the condensation of water vapor in the lower part of the atmosphere. Mist is less thick than fog, visibility being 1–2 km.

inje [ imenica {meteorologija} ]

Smrznuta rosa, smrznuta magla.

izmaglica [ ženski rod ]

magla [ ženski rod ]

Atmosferska pojava.

mist [ glagol ]
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To become covered with mist; SYN. mist over.
To spray finely or cover with mist.

zamagliti [ glagol ]

zamutiti oči [ glagol ]

zamagliti se [ glagol ]

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