command | engleski leksikon

1. command


Done on command or request

command | engleski leksikon

2. command


Sinonimi: bid | bidding | dictation | control | mastery

1. A military unit or region under the control of a single officer.
2. A position of highest authority.
3. An authoritative direction or instruction to do something; SYN. bid, bidding, dictation.
4. Availability for use.
5. Great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; SYN. control, mastery.
6. The power or authority to command.

command | engleski leksikon

3. command


Sentence that gives an instruction, often followed by an exclamation mark. “Stand! Now turn to the right.” The subject word is not usually used in commands, but it can be: “You go away!” “You send him to me now!”

command | engleski leksikon

4. command


An instruction to a computer program that, when issued by the user, causes an action to be carried out. Commands are usually either typed at the keyboard or chosen from a menu.

command | engleski leksikon

5. command


Sinonimi: require | compel

1. To be in command of.
2. To demand as one's due:.
3. To make someone do something; SYN. require, compel.

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