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Prevod reči: zucan

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žučan [ pridev ]

atrabilious [ pridev ]
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Irritable as if suffering from indigestion; SYN. bilious, dyspeptic, liverish.
Melancholy; splenetic; acrimonious
Very melancholic; hypochondriac.

bilious [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin biliosus, from bilis bile.
Ill-tempered; very unpleasant.
Relating to or containing bile; SYN. biliary.
Suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress; SYN. liverish, livery.

bitter [ pridev ]
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ETYM AS. biter; akin to Goth. baitrs, Icel. bitr, Dan., Swed., Dutch, and German bitter, OS. bittar, from root of Eng. bite. Related to Bite.
Expressive of severe grief or regret.
One of the four basic taste sensations; sharp and disagreeable; like the taste of quinine.
Proceeding from or exhibiting great hostility or animosity.
Very difficult to accept or bear.

blistering [ pridev ]
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Hot enough to raise (or as if to raise) blisters; SYN. blistery.
Very fast; SYN. hot, red-hot.

choleric [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin cholericus, Greek: cf. French cholérique.
Characterized by anger; SYN. irascible.
Easily moved to anger.
Quickly aroused to anger; SYN. irascible, hotheaded, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, short, short-tempered.

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