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Žuč se stvara u jetri. To je zlatnožuta tečnost lužastog i gorkog ukusa. Sastojci žuči su: voda, malo sluzi, neke soli, žučne kiseline i žučne boje. Najvažniji sastojci su žučne kiseline, čija je uloga u razlaganju masti i pomaganju u desjtvu nekih fermenata pankreasnog soka.

1. atter


2. bile


Bitter digestive fluid emanating from liver; melancholy; anger.
Brownish alkaline fluid produced by the liver. Bile is stored in the gall bladder and is intermittently released into the duodenum (small intestine) to aid digestion. Bile consists of bile salts, bile pigments, cholesterol, and lecithin. Bile salts assist in the breakdown and absorption of fats; bile pigments are the breakdown products of old red blood cells that are passed into the gut to be eliminated with the feces.
A digestive juice secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder; aids in the digestion of fats.

3. cecidium


4. gall


1. A skin sore caused by chafing.
2. Abnormal swelling of plant tissue caused by insects or microorganisms or injury.
Abnormal outgrowth on a plant that develops as a result of attack by insects or, less commonly, by bacteria, fungi, mites, or nematodes. The attack causes an increase in the number of cells or an enlargement of existing cells in the plant. Gall-forming insects generally pass the early stages of their life inside the gall.
Gall wasps are responsible for the conspicuous bud galls forming on oak trees, 2.5–4 cm/1–1.5 in across, known as “oak apples”.

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