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žičara [ ženski rod ]

Planinska kablovska želežnica, žičana železnica.

cable car [ imenica ]
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A conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway; SYN. car.
Method of transporting passengers up steep slopes by cable. In the cable railroad, passenger cars are hauled along rails by a cable wound by a powerful winch. A pair of cars usually operate together on the funicular principle, one going up as the other goes down. The other main type is the aerial cable car, where the passenger car is suspended from a trolley that runs along an aerial cableway.
A unique form of cable-car system has operated in San Francisco since 187The streetcars travel along rails and are hauled by moving cables under the ground. cable-car.

chairlift [ imenica ]
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A ski lift on which riders are seated; SYN. chair lift. chair-lift, chair lift

mountain railway [ imenica ]
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funicular [ imenica ]
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A cable railway ascending a mountain; especially; one in which an ascending car counterbalances a descending car.

funicular railroad [ imenica ]
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Railroad with two cars connected by a wire cable wound around a drum at the top of a steep incline. Funicular railroads of up to 1.5 km/1 mi exist in Switzerland.
In Britain, the system is used only in seaside cliff railroads.

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