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Prevod reči: zapaliti

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zapaliti [ glagol ]

accend [ glagol {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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to kindle

blow up [ glagol ]
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To blow one's stack; fly off the handle, flip one's wig; lose one's temper; blow a fuse; SYN. throw a fit.
To make large; SYN. enlarge, magnify.

embroil [ glagol ]
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To force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action; SYN. tangle, sweep, sweep up, drag, drag in.

enfire [ glagol ]
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enkindle [ glagol ]
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To set on fire; to inflame; to kindle.
To excite; to rouse into action; to incite.

enlight [ glagol ]
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ignify [ glagol ]
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to burn

ignite [ glagol ]
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To cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat; SYN. light.
To start to burn; SYN. erupt, catch fire, take fire.

inkindle [ glagol ]
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inlight [ glagol ]
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set ablaze [ glagol ]
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To set fire to; cause to start burning; SYN. set aflame, set on fire, set afire.

strike [ glagol {N/A} ]
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To deliver a blow to, deliver a stroke to.
To hit a key or note; also used metaphorically:; SYN. hit.
To cause (an arc) to form (as between electrodes of an arc lamp).
To indicate a certain time by striking, of clocks.
To remove by erasing or crossing out; SYN. expunge, excise.
To make an attack against an enemy or a target; SYN. hit.
To find unexpectedly:; SYN. come upon, light upon, chance upon, come across, chance on, happen upon, discover.
To arrive at or come upon, as of solutions to problems.
To stop work in order to press demands; SYN. walk out.

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