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zaostao [ pridev ]

abortive [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin abortivus, from aboriri. Related to Abort.
Failing to accomplish an intended result; SYN. stillborn, unsuccessful.

back [ pridev ]
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Located at or near the back of an animal; SYN. hind, hinder.
Of an earlier date
Related to or located at the back

backward [ pridev ]
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Directed or facing toward the back or rear
Retarded in intellectual development; SYN. feebleminded.
(Used of temperament or behavior) Marked by a retiring nature

behindhand [ pridev ]
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Behind schedule.

depressed [ pridev ]
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Lower than previously; SYN. down.
Having the central portion lower than the margin; SYN. indented.
(Biology) Flattened downward as if pressed from above or flattened along the dorsal and ventral surfaces.

illiberal [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin illiberalis; pref. il- not + liberalis liberal: cf. French illibéral.
Narrow-minded about cherished opinions; SYN. intolerant.

musty [ pridev ]
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Having the rank, pungent, offensive odor and taste; foul or sour and fetid; moldy
Spoiled by age; rank; stale.
Dull; heavy; spiritless.

provincial [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin provincialis: cf. French provincial. Related to Province, Provencal.
Characteristic of the provinces or their people.
Of or associated with a province.

rudimentary [ pridev ]
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ETYM Cf. French rudimentaire.
Being in the earliest stages of development.

stagnant [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin stagnans, -antis, p. pr. of stagnare. Related to Stagnate.
Not growing or changing; without force or vitality; SYN. moribund.

stick-in-the-mud [ pridev ]
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One who is slow, old-fashioned, or unprogressive; especially; an old fogy

underdeveloped [ pridev ]
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Not yet fully developed.
(Of a photograph) Lacking in contrast because it was left in the developer for less than the required time.

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