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Prevod reči: vilenjak

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vilenjak [ muški rod ]

Mitsko biće, štićenik vila; veštac.

gremlin [ imenica ]
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A small troublemaking imp.
A pesky problem in machinery or in a computer program, which is usually hard to locate.

Puck [ muški rod {novinarstvo} ]
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A mischievous sprite.
Or Robin Goodfellow or Hobgoblin; In English folklore, a mischievous fairy who will play tricks on travelers, assume various shapes, or even spoil the milk. His name is related to “pixie”.
He appears as the servant of the fairy king Oberon in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

sprite [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. sprit, French esprit, from Latin spiritus. Related to Spirit, Sprightly.
A spirit; a soul; a shade; also, an apparition.
An elf; a fairy; a goblin.
In computing, a graphics object made up of a pattern of pixels (picture elements) defined by a computer programmer. Some high-level languages and applications programs contain routines that allow a user to define the shape, colors, and other characteristics of individual graphics objects. These objects can then be manipulated and combined to produce animated games or graphic screen displays.

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