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Prevod reči: vezenje

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vezenje [ imenica ]

appliqué [ imenica ]
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A decorative design made of one material sewn over another.
Ornament let into or laid on
Embroidery used to create pictures or patterns by “applying” pieces of material onto a background fabric. The pieces are cut into the appropriate shapes and sewn on, providing decoration for wall hangings, furnishing textiles, and clothes.

embroidering [ imenica ]
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embroidery [ imenica ]
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Decorative needlework; SYN. fancywork.
The art of decorating cloth with a needle and thread. It includes broderie anglaise, gros point, and petit point, all of which have been used for the adornment of costumes, gloves, book covers, furnishings, and ecclesiastical vestments.

needlework [ imenica ]
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An article created or assembled by needle and thread; SYN. needlecraft.
The occupation of one who does needlework

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