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vestern [ muški rod {teatar} ]

Roman, film ili strip koji na idealizovano-avanturistički način obrađje teme u vezi osvajanja zapadnih oblasti Severne Amerike.
Film o divljem zapadu, žanr filmova smešten na Divljem Zapadu Amerike.

Western [ imenica {teatar} ]
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A film about life in the western US during the period of exploration and development; Also called: horse opera.
Genre of popular fiction and film based on the landscape and settlement of the American West, with emphasis on the conquest of Indian territory. It developed in American dime novels and frontier literature. The Western became established in written form with such novels as Owen Wister’s The Virginian 19and Zane Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage 191From the earliest silent films, movies extended the Western mythology and, with Italian “spaghetti” Westerns and Japanese Westerns, established it as an international form.
The romance of the American frontiersman confronting his wilderness was first popularized in James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales 1823–and the American hunter stories of Karl May and soon evolved into a national fascination with the West specifically. From the mid-19th century, in stylized form, came frontier tales of cowboy rangers or lawmen portraying good, with Indians, cattle rustlers, or gunmen portraying evil. Most are set vaguely in the post-Civil War era. The characters are sometimes based on real persons, such as Kit Carson, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, and Bat Masterson. Most Westerns are nostalgic, written after the frontier officially closed in 189The Virginian is the “serious” version of the form, but prolific writers such as Grey; Frederick Faust (Max Brand), who wrote Destry Rides Again 193and Louis L’Amour, who wrote Hondo 195developed its pulp possibilities and its place in universal fantasy. Westerns have provided endless sources for motion pictures, among them The Great T.
rain Robbery 190The Covered Wagon 192Cimarron 193Stagecoach 193The Gunfighter 195High Noon 195Shane 195and True Grit 196The genre became less popular in the 197and since then there have been only four commercially successful films: Pale Rider 19and the Oscar award-winning Unforgiven 19(both starring Clint Eastwood), Young Guns 198and Dances with Wolves 19(Oscar). The Lone Ranger was a popular serialized Western on radio and television. Other Western series on television included Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Bat Masterson, and Wyatt Earp.

Western film [ imenica {teatar} ]
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Genre of films based loosely on the history of the American West and evolved from the written Western. As a genre, the Western is virtually as old as the cinema. Italian “spaghetti Westerns” and Japanese Westerns established it as an international form. The genre became less popular in the 1970s. There have been only four commercially successful films since then: Pale Rider 198Young Guns 198and the Academy Award-winners Dances with Wolves 19and Unforgiven 1992.
A memorable early example is The Great Train Robbery 190The silent era produced such epics as The Iron Horse 192and the genre remained popular into the coming of sound. The 193saw many epics, such as Union Pacific 193whereas the 194often dwelt on specific historical events (including Custer’s last stand in They Died With Their Boots On 1941). The 195brought more realism and serious issues, such as the treatment of the Indians. The Westerns of the 196contained an increased amount of violence, partly owing to the influence of the “spaghetti Westerns” (often directed by Sergio Leone).

wild western [ imenica {teatar} ]
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