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vektorska grafika

ženski rodračunari

Slika koja je nacrtana pomoću linijia. Linije počinju od određene tačke i idu određenim pravcem, na određenom rastojanju.

1. vector graphics


Images generated from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length, and direction in which lines are drawn. Objects are created as collections of lines rather than as patterns of individual dots or pixels. Compare raster graphics.
Computer graphics that are stored in the computer memory by using geometric formulas. Vector graphics can be transformed (enlarged, rotated, stretched, and so on) without loss of picture resolution. It is also possible to select and transform any of the components of a vector-graphics display because each is separately defined in the computer memory. In these respects vector graphics are superior to raster graphics. Vector graphics are typically used for drawing applications, allowing the user to create and modify technical diagrams such as designs for houses or automobiles.

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