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Prevod reči: vatrogasac

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vatrogasac [ muški rod ]

fireman [ imenica {N/A} ]
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(Irregular plural: firemen).
A member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires; SYN. forefighter, fire fighter, fire-eater.
Play in which children take the roles of firemen and pretend to put out a fire.

extinguisher [ imenica ]
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One who, or that which, extinguishes.
A device which serves to extinguish; a fire extinguisher.

fire extinguisher [ imenica ]
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A hand device for extinguishing small fires; SYN. extinguisher.
Device for putting out a fire. Fire extinguishers work by removing one of the three conditions necessary for fire to continue (heat, oxygen, and fuel), either by cooling the fire or by excluding oxygen.
The simplest fire extinguishers contain water, which when propelled onto the fire cools it down. Water extinguishers cannot be used on electrical fires, as there is a danger of electrocution, or on burning oil, as the oil will float on the water and spread the blaze.
Many domestic extinguishers contain liquid carbon dioxide under pressure. When the handle is pressed, carbon dioxide is released as a gas that blankets the burning material and prevents oxygen from reaching it. Dry extinguishers spray powder, which then releases carbon dioxide gas. Wet extinguishers are often of the soda-acid type; when activated, sulfuric acid mixes with sodium bicarbonate, producing carbon dioxide. The gas pressure forces the solution out of a nozzle, and a foaming agent may be added.
Some extinguishers contain halons (hydrocarbons with one or more hydrogens substituted by a halogen such as chlorine, bromine, or fluorine). These are very effective at smothering fires, but cause damage to the ozone layer.

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