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muški rod

Ideal, primer.

1. classic


1. A creation of the highest excellence.
2. An artist who has created classic works.

2. example


Sinonimi: illustration | instance | representative | deterrent example | lesson | object lesson

ETYM A later form for ensample, from Latin exemplum, orig., what is taken out of a larger quantity, as a sample, from eximere to take out. Related to Exempt, Ensample, Sample.
1. A single item of information that is representative of a type; SYN. illustration, instance, representative.
2. Punishment intended as a warning to others; SYN. deterrent example, lesson, object lesson.

3. exemplar


Sinonimi: example | model | good example

ETYM Latin exemplar, exemplum: cf. French exemplaire. Related to Example, Examper, Sampler.
Something to be imitated; SYN. example, model, good example.

4. model


Sinonimi: poser | role model | simulation | example | theoretical account | framework

ETYM French modčle, Italian modello, from (assumed) Latin modellus, from modulus a small measure, dim. of modus. Related to Mode, Module.
1. A person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor; SYN. poser.
2. Someone worthy of imitation; SYN. role model.
3. A representation of something (sometimes on a smaller scale); SYN. simulation.
4. A representative form or pattern; SYN. example.
5. A simplified description of a complex entity or process; SYN. theoretical account, framework.
6. A type or class of product.
Simplified version of some aspect of the real world. Models are produced to show the relationships between two or more factors, such as land use and the distance from the center of a town (for example, concentric-ring theory). Because models are idealized, they give only a general guide to what may happen.

5. paragon


Sinonimi: idol | perfection | beau ideal

ETYM Old Fren. paragon, French parangon.
An ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept; SYN. idol, perfection, beau ideal.
A model of excellence or perfection.

6. pattern


ETYM Old Eng. patron, French patron, a patron, also, a pattern. Related to Patron.
A model considered worthy of imitation.

7. standard


Sinonimi: criterion | measure | touchstone | monetary standard

ETYM Old Fren. estendart, French étendard, probably from Latin extendere to spread out, extend, but influenced by Eng. stand. Related to Extend.
1. A basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; SYN. criterion, measure, touchstone.
2. The value behind the money in a monetary system; SYN. monetary standard.
3. An upright pole (especially one used as a support).
4. Any distinctive flag.
5. A board measure equalling 1980 board feet.

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