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Uski, uzak.

1. confined


Sinonimi: fenced in | penned

1. Deprived of liberty; especially placed under arrest or restraint.
2. Enclosed by a confining fence; SYN. fenced in, penned.
3. Not free to move about.
4. Not invading healthy tissue.

2. narrow


1. Limited in size or scope
2. Not wide
3. Very limited in degree

3. strait


(Archaic) Strict and severe.
(Homonym: straight).
Strict; rigorous; constricted.

4. strict


1. Exact; accurate; precise; rigorously nice
2. Tense; not relaxed
3. Governed or governing by exact rules; observing exact rules; severe; rigorous.
4. Rigidly interpreted; exactly limited; restricted

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