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1. assured


1. Characterized by certainty or security.
2. Marked by assurance; exhibiting confidence.

2. certain


Sinonimi: sure | sure | sure | sure

ETYM French certain, from Late Lat. certanus, from Latin certus determined, fixed, certain, orig. p. p. of cernere to perceive, decide, determine.
1. Established beyond doubt or question; definitely known.
2. Definite but not specified or identified.
3. Having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured; SYN. sure.
4. Certain to occur; destined or inevitable; SYN. sure.
5. Exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance; SYN. sure.
6. Capable of being depended on; SYN. sure.

3. confident


Sinonimi: surefooted

1. Having or marked by confidence or assurance.
2. Not liable to error in judgment or action; SYN. surefooted.

4. secure


Sinonimi: unafraid | untroubled

ETYM Latin securus; pref. se- without + cura care. Related to Cure care, and cf. Sure.
1. Free from danger or risk.
2. Free from fear or doubt; easy in mind; SYN. unafraid, untroubled.
3. Not likely to fail or give way.

5. sure


Sinonimi: trusted

1. Infallible or unfailing
2. Certain not to fail
3. Physically secure or dependable
4. (Of persons) Worthy of trust or confidence; SYN. trusted.

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