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uragan [ muški rod {meteorologija} ]

Orkan. Tropski ciklon.
Snažni vetar koji često duva na Karibima. NJega odlikuju jaki vrtlozi vazduha, padavine i brzina koja nekad prelazi 1kilometara na čas.

hurricane [ imenica {meteorologija} ]
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ETYM Spanish hurracan; orig. a Carib word signifying, a high wind.
A severe tropical cyclone usually with heavy rains and winds moving a 73-1knots (on the Beaufort scale).
Revolving storm in tropical regions, called typhoon in the N Pacific. It originates at latitudes between 5ş and 20ş N or S of the equator, when the surface temperature of the ocean is above 27şC/80şF. A central calm area, called the eye, is surrounded by inwardly spiraling winds (counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere) of up to 3kph/2mph. A hurricane is accompanied by lightning and torrential rain, and can cause extensive damage. In meteorology, a hurricane is a wind of force or more on the Beaufort scale. The most intense hurricane recorded in the Caribbean/Atlantic sector was Hurricane Gilbert in 198with sustained winds of 2kph/1mph and gusts of over 3kph/2mph.
The naming of hurricanes began in the 194with female names.
Due to public opinion that using female names was sexist, the practice was changed in 19to using both male and female names alternately.

whirl-blast [ imenica {meteorologija} ]
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whirlwind [ imenica {meteorologija} ]
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ETYM Cf. Icel. hvirfilvindr, Swed. hvirfvelvind, Dan. hvirvelvind, German wirbelwind. Related to Whirl, and Wind.
A more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth.
Rapidly rotating column of air, often synonymous with a tornado. On a smaller scale it produces the dust-devils seen in deserts.

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