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1. absorb


Sinonimi: suck | imbibe | soak up | sop up | suck up | draw | take in | take up | engross | engage | occupy | take in | take over | assimilate | ingest | take in

1. To be able to take in, as of liquids; SYN. suck, imbibe, soak up, sop up, suck up, draw, take in, take up.
2. To become imbued; of liquids, light, or gases, in chemistry.
3. To cause to become one with
4. To engage or engross wholly; SYN. engross, engage, occupy.
5. To suck or take up or in; SYN. take in.
6. To take up, as of debts or payments; SYN. take over.
7. To take up, as of knowledge or beliefs; SYN. assimilate, ingest, take in.

2. absorpt


3. eat up


Sinonimi: finish | polish off

To finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table; SYN. finish, polish off.

4. imbibe


To receive into the mind and retain.

5. resorb


ETYM Latin reorbere; pref. re- re- + sorbere to suck or drink in.
To absorb again.
To absorb back; to reabsorb.

6. take in


Sinonimi: bring home

1. To accept; SYN. take up.
2. To fold up, of sails; SYN. gather in.
3. To make (clothes) smaller
4. To provide with shelter.
5. To take up as if with a sponge; SYN. sop up, suck in, take up.
6. To visit for entertainment

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