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muški rod

Upisivanje, učlanjivanje.

1. enlistment


Sinonimi: hitch | term of enlistment | tour of duty | duty tour | tour

A period of time spent in military service; SYN. hitch, term of enlistment, tour of duty, duty tour, tour.

2. enrollment


ETYM Cf. French enrôlement.
1. The act of enrolling; registration.
2. A writing in which anything is enrolled; a register; a record.
3. The entirety of those enrolled.

3. entry


Sinonimi: ledger entry

ETYM Old Eng. entree, entre, French entrée, from entrer to enter. Related to Enter, Entrée.
1. A written record of a commercial transaction; SYN. ledger entry.
2. An item inserted in a written record.

4. inscription


Sinonimi: lettering

ETYM Latin inscriptio, from inscribere, inscriptum, to inscribe: cf. French inscription. Related to Inscribe.
Letters inscribed on something; SYN. lettering.

5. registration


Sinonimi: enrollment | enrolment

ETYM Late Lat. registratio, or French régistration. Related to Register.
The act of enrolling; SYN. enrollment, enrolment.
In music, in organ and harpsichord playing, the selection of stops (levers affecting the qualities and power of the instrument) to be used, either prescribed by a composer or left to the player's taste.

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