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muški rod

Stvaralac u umetnosti.

1. artist


Sinonimi: creative person

ETYM French artiste, Late Lat. artista, from Latin ars. Related to Art, Artiste.
A person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination; SYN. creative person.

2. artsman


3. craftsman


Sinonimi: crafter | artisan | journeyman | artificer

(Irregular plural: craftsmen).
1. A creator of great skill in the manual arts; SYN. crafter.
2. A professional whose work is consistently of high quality.
3. A skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft; SYN. artisan, journeyman, artificer.

4. master


Sinonimi: professional | captain | sea captain | skipper | master copy | original

ETYM Old Eng. maistre, maister, Old Fren. maistre, mestre, French maître, from Latin magister, orig. a double comparative from the root of magnus great, akin to Greek megas. Related to Maestro, Magister, Magistrate, Magnitude, Major, Mister, Mistress, Mickle.
1. One who directs the work of other; especially, one who directs slaves.
2. One who controls a domain or an activity.
3. An authority qualified to teach apprentices; SYN. professional.
4. The owner of a pet.
5. An officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship; SYN. captain, sea captain, skipper.
6. An original (audio recording) from which copies can be made; SYN. master copy, original.
7. Holds masters degree from academic institution.

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