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Prevod reči: uloziti

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uložiti [ glagol ]

bank [ glagol ]
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To be in the banking business.
To cover with ashes, of fires, to control the rate of burning.
To do business with a bank or keep an account at a bank
To enclose with a bank
To tip laterally; of boats and aircraft.
To make slope; said especially of a turn on a highway or racetrack

deposit [ glagol ]
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To put into a bank account; SYN. bank.

enter [ glagol ]
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To become a participant; be involved in; SYN. participate.
To come on stage; in the theater.
To come or go into; SYN. come in, get into, get in, go into, go in, move into.

inlay [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: inlaid).
To decorate the surface of by inserting wood, stone, and metal.

invest [ glagol ]
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To furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors; SYN. clothe, adorn.
To make an investment; SYN. put, commit, place.
To provide with power and authority; SYN. vest, enthrone.

place [ glagol ]
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To put something somewhere:
To establish somebody in a particular situation or location:
To identify the location or place of; SYN. localize.
To assign to (a job or a home).
To estimate:
To sing a note with the correct pitch.
To take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal; SYN. come in, come out.
To arrange for or to make;,

put in [ glagol ]
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To devote (time, effort, etc.) to a task
To put on an application, apply for a job, in a competition, etc.; SYN. submit.

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