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1. backward


Sinonimi: feebleminded

1. Directed or facing toward the back or rear
2. Retarded in intellectual development; SYN. feebleminded.
3. (Used of temperament or behavior) Marked by a retiring nature

2. bovine


Sinonimi: bovid

ETYM Late Lat. bovinus, fromL. bos, bovis, ox, cow: cf. French bovine. Related to Cow.
1. Dull and slow-moving and stolid; like an ox.
2. Of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle); SYN. bovid.

3. cumbersome


Sinonimi: cumbrous

Difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight; SYN. cumbrous.

4. halting


Fragmentary or halting from emotional strain.

5. inactive


Sinonimi: reserve

ETYM Pref. in- not + active: cf. French inactif.
1. Not active or exerting influence.
2. Not active physically or mentally.
3. Not engaged in full-time work; (military).
4. Not engaged in military action; SYN. reserve.
5. Lacking activity; lying idle or unused.
6. (Pathology) Not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly.
7. Not participating in a chemical reaction.

6. languid


ETYM Latin languidus, from languere to be faint or languid: cf. French languide. Related to Languish.
1. Drooping or flagging from exhaustion; indisposed to exertion; without animation; weak; weary; heavy; dull.
2. Slow in progress; tardy.
3. Promoting or indicating weakness or heaviness.

7. languorous


ETYM From Languor: cf. French langoureux.
Producing, or tending to produce, languor; characterized by languor.

8. ponderous


ETYM Latin ponderosus, from pondus, -eris, a weight: cf. French pondéreux. Related to Ponder.
1. Having great mass and weight and unwieldiness.
2. Labored and dull.

9. remiss


ETYM Latin remissus, p. p. of remittere to send back, relax. Related to Remit.
Negligent; falling short of one's duties.

10. slow


(Homonym: sloe).
1. Not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time.
2. (Music) At a slow tempo.
3. (Used of timepieces) Indicating a time earlier than the correct time.

11. sluggard



12. sluggish


1. Averse to activity or exertion; indolent; also; torpid
2. Slow to respond (as to stimulation or treatment)
3. Markedly slow in movement, flow, or growth; economically inactive or slow
4. With little movement; very slow

13. stagnant


Sinonimi: moribund

ETYM Latin stagnans, -antis, p. pr. of stagnare. Related to Stagnate.
Not growing or changing; without force or vitality; SYN. moribund.

14. stolid


ETYM Latin stolidus.
Not easily aroused or excited; dull; impassive; foolish.

15. supine


Sinonimi: resupine

ETYM Latin supinus, akin to sub under, super above. Related to Sub-, Super-.
Lying face upward; SYN. resupine.
Lying flat on back; sluggish; lazy.

16. tardy


Late; arriving after a deadline

17. torpid


ETYM Latin torpidus, from torpere to be stiff, numb, or torpid; of uncertain origin.
1. Having lost motion, or the power of exertion and feeling; numb; benumbed.
2. Dull; stupid; sluggish; inactive.
3. Numb; lethargic; having lost the power to act.

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