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triko [ muški rod {odevanje} ]

Pletenjem izrađene tkanine; pleteno odelo; pletena potkošulja; tesno pripijene pletene čakšire (baletnih igrača, akrobata, gimnastičara i dr.).

bodysuit [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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All-in-one garment fitting closely from neck to ankle like a second skin; often made from stretch fabric. Associated with fitness and futuristic dress, space-age bodysuits with zip-up front openings were designed for men and women in the 196by such pioneer designers as Pierre Cardin and Azzedine Alaďa.
One late-19th-century example was devised by Dr Gustav Jaeger, and made of knitted wool. Bodysuits have been used since about the 196for dance and gymnastics, and entered fashion with the craze for body-hugging Lycra garments about 199they are now often referred to simply as “bodies” and are found in variants without arm or leg coverings. body-suit

jersey [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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ETYM From Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands.
Plain weft-knitted fabric of wool, cotton, nylon or silk.
A close-fitting pullover shirt; SYN. T-shirt, tee shirt.
A slightly elastic machine-knitted fabric.

tights [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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Skintight knit garment covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls.
One-piece stretch covering for the feet, legs, and hips to the waist, worn by women, usually made of nylon, silk, or wool. Derived from a combination of panties and stockings, tights were introduced in the late 195and have almost become an indispensable feature of a woman's wardrobe. They are available in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns.

tricot [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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ETYM French.
A knitted fabric, or one resembling knitting.
Plain knitted silk or woollen fabric.
Silk, rayon, nylon or woolen fabric resembling knitting.

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