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Prevod reči: transparentnost

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transparentnost [ ženski rod ]

Prozračnost, providnost.

transparency [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French transparence.
In photography, a picture on slide film. This captures the original in a positive image (direct reversal) and can be used for projection or printing on positive-to-positive print material, for example by the Cibachrome or Kodak R-type process.
Slide film is usually color but can be obtained in black and white.
Permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation; SYN. transparence.
The quality of being clear and transparent; SYN. transparence, transparentness.
The quality that defines how much light passes through an object’s pixels. If an object is 1percent transparent, light passes through it completely and renders the object invisible; in other words, you can see through the object.

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