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1. barter


To exchange goods.

2. commute


Sinonimi: convert | exchange | transpose | travel back and forth

1. To exchange a penalty for a less severe one; SYN. convert, exchange.
2. To transpose and remain equal in value; of variables or operators, in mathematics; SYN. transpose.
3. To travel back and forth regularly, as between one's place of work and home; SYN. travel back and forth.
4. Exchange especially for something less, or many small amounts for one large amount; substitute a lighter penalty for; travel regularly between home and work.

3. trade off


4. truck


1. To give in exchange; swap
2. To barter or dispose of by barter
3. To exchange commodities; barter
4. To negotiate or traffic especially in an underhanded way; have dealings
5. To transport something by truck.

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