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toplomer [ muški rod ]

Termometar, posebno sprava za merenje telesne temperature.

thermometer [ imenica ]
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ETYM Thermo- + -meter: cf. French thermomčtre. Related to Thermal.
Instrument for measuring temperature. There are many types, designed to measure different temperature ranges to varying degrees of accuracy. Each makes use of a different physical effect of temperature. Expansion of a liquid is employed in common liquid-in-glass thermometers, such as those containing mercury or alcohol. The more accurate gas thermometer uses the effect of temperature on the pressure of a gas held at constant volume. A resistance thermometer takes advantage of the change in resistance of a conductor (such as a platinum wire) with variation in temperature. Another electrical thermometer is the thermocouple. Mechanically, temperature change can be indicated by the change in curvature of a bimetallic strip (as commonly used in a thermostat).
For measuring temperature.

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