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muški rodgramatika

Ćilim, sag.

1. carpet


ETYM Old Fren. carpite rug, soft of cloth, French carpette coarse packing cloth, rug (cf. Italian carpita rug, blanket), Late Lat. carpeta, carpita, woolly cloths, from Latin carpere to pluck, to card (wool); cf. Greek karpos fruit, Eng. Harvest.
1. A heavy woven or felted fabric, usually of wool, but also of cotton or of synthetic fibers; esp. a floor covering made to be laid over the floor and attached at the edges, as distinguished from a rug or mat.
2. A smooth soft covering resembling or suggesting a carpet.

2. carpeting


1. The act of covering with carpets.
2. Cloth or materials for carpets; carpets, in general.

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