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muški rod

1. Dodir, dodirivanje, pipanje, sposobnost dodirivanja, opis; fig. smisao za fino, finoća i sigurnost ponašanja u ophođenju sa drugima, osećanje za ono što priliči;
2. muz. Grupa tonova dobivena ravnomernom podelom jednog niza tonova;
3. Ravnomerna podela vremena, ravnomerno kretanje, npr. u plesu.

1. clock speed


See clock rate. (Technology) The measurement in megahertz of the speed with which a central processor can perform a series of calculations.

2. delicacy


Sinonimi: discretion | slightness | diplomacy | discreetness | finesse

ETYM From Delicate.
1. Refined taste; tact; SYN. discretion.
2. Smallness of stature; SYN. slightness.
3. Subtly skillful handling of a situation; SYN. diplomacy, discreetness, finesse.

3. delicatesse


4. discretion


Sinonimi: discreetness | circumspection | prudence | discernment

ETYM French discrétion, Latin discretio separation, difference, discernment, from discernere, discretum. Related to Discreet, Discern.
1. Freedom to act or judge on one's own.
2. Knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress; SYN. discreetness, circumspection, prudence.
3. The trait of judging wisely and objectively; SYN. discernment.
Discreet behavior; prudence; freedom to act and make decisions.

5. measure


Sinonimi: measurement | quantity | amount | sum | measuring rod | measuring stick | step | bar

ETYM Old Eng. mesure, French mesure, Latin mensura, from metiri, mensus, to measure; akin to metrum poetical measure, Greek metron, Eng. meter. Related to Immense, Mensuration, Mete to measure.
1. Magnitude as determined by measurement or calculation; SYN. measurement.
2. The quantity or amount of something; SYN. quantity, amount, sum.
3. A measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals; used as a reference in making measurements; SYN. measuring rod, measuring stick.
4. Any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; SYN. step.
5. Notation for a sequence of musical beats; written followed by a vertical bar; SYN. bar.

6. pace


Sinonimi: stride | tread | gait | rate

ETYM Old Eng. pas, French pas, from Latin passus a step, pace, orig., a stretching out of the feet in walking; cf. pandere, passum, to spread, stretch; perh. akin to Eng. patent. Related to Pas, Pass.
1. A step in walking or running; SYN. stride, tread.
2. The rate of moving (especially walking or running); SYN. gait.
3. The relative speed of progress or change; SYN. rate.

7. tact


Sinonimi: tactfulness

ETYM Latin tactus a touching, touch, from tangere, tactum, to touch: cf. French tact. Related to Tangent.
Consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offence; SYN. tactfulness.

takt | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rodmuzika

Muzička mera.

1. beat


Sinonimi: circuit | round

In music, a pulsation giving the tempo, for example a conductor’s beat, or a unit of tempo, as in four beats to the bar. “Beat music” is a general term for popular music having a strong and unvarying beat.

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