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svetlost [ ženski rod ]

Svetlo, osvetljenje.

shine [ imenica ]
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The quality or state of shining; brightness; luster, gloss.
A liking for a person; a fancy

brightness [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. beorhines. Related to Bright.
The perceived quality of radiance or luminosity of a visible object. Brightness is literally in the eye (and mind) of the beholder; a candle in the night appears brighter than the same candle under incandescent lights. Although its subjective value cannot be measured with physical instruments, brightness can be measured as luminance (radiant energy). The brightness component of a color is different from its color (the hue) and from the intensity of its color (the saturation). See also color model, HSB.
Intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty; SYN. cleverness, smartness.
The location of a visual perception along the black-to-white continuum.

holiness [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. hâlignes.
The quality of being holy; SYN. sanctity.
In religion, the separation of a person or thing from the common or profane to a divine use; when used of God, those qualities that set him apart from humanity and the world. The concept is particularly found in Christianity and Judaism.
People or things dedicated to God’s service may be holy in different senses: invoking reverence, for example the “holy of holies” in the Temple in Jerusalem; relating to God, for example the Holy Trinity; or pure and chaste, as in the injunction to live a holy life.

light [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. light, liht, as. leóht; akin to os. lioht, Dutch and German licht, Old High Germ. lioht, Goth. liuhath, Icel. ljôs, Latin lux light, lucere to shine, Greek leykos white, Skr. ruc to shine. Related to Lucid, Lunar, Luminous, Lynx.
Having abundant light or illumination: or; SYN. lighting.
Any device serving as a source of visible light; SYN. light source.
An illuminated area.
A visual warning signal.
A particular perspective or aspect of a situation.
A condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination; SYN. illumination.
The visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures; SYN. lightness.
(Physics) Electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; SYN. visible light, visible radiation.
Public awareness.
1Mental understanding as an enlightening experience.
1A person regarded very fondly.

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