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suprug [ muški rod ]


consort [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin consore, -sortis; con- + sors lot, fate, share. Related to Sort.
One who shares the lot of another; a companion; a partner; especially, a wife or husband.
A ship keeping company with another.
Concurrence; conjunction; combination; association; union.
An assembly or association of persons; a company; a group; a combination.
Harmony of sounds; concert, as of musical instruments.

conjoint [ imenica ]
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husband [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. hosebonde, husbonde, a husband, the master of the house or family, AS. husbonda master of the house.
A married man; a woman's partner in marriage; SYN. hubby, married man.

leman [ imenica ]
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A lover, sweetheart or paramour.

man [ imenica {N/A} ]
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An individual human; especially; an adult male human; a man belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) — usually used in combination; husband ; lover; the human race; mankind; a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens) that is anatomically related to the great apes but distinguished especially by notable development of the brain with a resultant capacity for articulate speech and abstract reasoning, is usually considered to form a variable number of freely interbreeding races, and is the sole living representative of the hominid family; broadly; any living or extinct hominid; one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood; manliness; fellow, chap — used as mode of familiar address — used interjectionally to express intensity of feeling
Individual, person; the individual who can fulfill or who has been chosen to fulfill one's requirements
A feudal tenant; vassal; an adult male servant
One of the distinctive objects moved by each player in various board games; one of the players on a team
An alumnus of or student at a college or university
6 Christian Science; the compound idea of infinite Spirit; the spiritual image and likeness of God; the full representation of Mind
One extremely fond of or devoted to something specified

mate [ imenica ]
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The partner of an animal (especially a sexual partner)
Informal term (Australian or British) for a friend of the same sex.
The officer below the master on a commercial ship; SYN. first mate.

one's worse half [ imenica ]
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partner [ imenica ]
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ETYM For parcener, influenced by part.
An associate in any business or occupation; esp., a member of a partnership.
One who shares something with an other; a partaker; an associate.
A husband or a wife.
An unmarried companion.
Either one of a couple who dance together.

spouse [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. espous, espos, fem. espouse, French époux, épouse, from Latin sponsus, sponsa, prop. p. p. of spondere, sponsum, to promise solemnly, to engage one's self. Related to Despond, Espouse, respond, Sponsor.
A person's partner in marriage; SYN. partner, married person, mate, consort.

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