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Prevod reči: stidljiv

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stidljiv [ pridev ]

abeigh [ pridev ]
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bashful [ pridev ]
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Disposed to avoid notice; ('blate' is a Scottish term for bashful); SYN. blate.
Self-consciously timid

blushful [ pridev ]
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Blush colored; SYN. rosy.
Having a red face from embarrassment or shame or agitation or emotional upset; SYN. blushing, red-faced.

blushy [ pridev ]
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chary [ pridev ]
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Discreetly cautious or sparing.

coy [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. coi quiet, still, Old Fren. coi, coit, fromL. quietus quiet, p. p. of quiescere to rest, quie rest; prob. akin to Eng. while. Related to While, Quiet, Quit, Quite.
Affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way; SYN. demure, overmodest.
Modestly or warily rejecting approaches or overtures.
Showing marked and often playful or irritating evasiveness or reluctance to make a definite or committing statement.

coyish [ pridev ]
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creep-mouse [ pridev ]
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demure [ pridev ]
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ETYM Perh. from Old Fren. de murs (i. e., de bonnes murs of good manners); de of + murs, mours, meurs, mors, French moeurs, from Latin mores (sing. mos) manners, morals (see Moral); or more prob. from Old Fren. meür, French műr mature, ripe (see Mature) in a phrase preceded by de, as de műre conduite of mature conduct.
Of sober or serious mien; composed and decorous in bearing; of modest look; staid; grave.
Affectedly modest, decorous, or serious; making a show of gravity.

diffident [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin diffidens, -entis, p. pr. of diffidere; dif- = dis + fidere to trust; akin to fides faith. Related to Faith, Defy.
Lacking self-confidence; SYN. shy, timid, unsure.
Showing modest reserve.
3 Overly shy or modest. Shy; modest.

prudish [ pridev ]
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Like a prude; very formal and moralizing; pretending to high virtue.

shamefaced [ pridev ]
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ETYM For shamefast; as. scamfaest. Related to Shame, and Fast firm.
Extremely modest or shy.
Showing a sense of shame; SYN. sheepish.

shy [ pridev ]
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(Informal) Short
Easily startled or frightened.
Wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things

timid [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin timidus, from timere to fear; cf. Skr. tam to become breathless, to become stupefief: cf. French timide.
Contemptibly timid.
Showing fear and lack of confidence.

verecund [ pridev ]
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Modest; shy

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