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sneg [ muški rod ]

Zimska padavina.

snow [ imenica ]
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A layer of snowflakes (white crystals of frozen water) covering the ground.
Precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals; SYN. snowfall.
Precipitation in the form of soft, white, crystalline flakes caused by the condensation in air of excess water vapor below freezing point. Light reflecting in the crystals, which have a basic hexagonal (six-sided) geometry, gives snow its white appearance.

sneg [ muški rod {računari} ]

Male, svetlucave tačke i fleke koje se ponekad pojavljuju na nekim monitorima; nastaju kada se slike na ekranu suviše brzo smenjuju da bi jedan spor monitor mogao sa njima da izađe na kraj. Oibčno se mogu naći samo na CGA monitorima ili jako lošim VGA monitorima.

snow [ imenica {računari} ]
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In television, temporary distortion of a displayed image caused by interference, usually in a weak signal, that takes the form of random white spots.
In computer displays, a specific type of distortion characterized by the blinking on and off of random pixels that occurs when the microprocessor and the display hardware interfere with each other by attempting to use the computer’s video memory at the same time.

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